Having a traditional mailbox (PO Box) isn’t a bad thing as it has proved to be cost-effective when it comes to receiving mail and ensuring 100% privacy. However, there are certain places it falls short and needs it can’t fulfill and that’s where virtual mailbox becomes necessary because of it’s vast usability. A virtual mailbox is an online postal mail service that offers some advanced features which traditional mailbox (Mailbox rental and Business mailbox) can’t offer and has taken mail to a higher level.

Virtual Mailbox

Virtual Mailbox is only a mailbox like personal PO Box but has a slight difference which makes it the best mail service. It is run online while attaching to a physical address when a mail is received in the address, it will be uploaded online for the user to access and read it anytime not minding the place he is in the world. This makes it quite convenient and saves a reasonable amount of time with easy access to your mail anytime.


Ease of access irrespective of your location in the world you can easily access the scanned mail which has been uploaded online. It will give you more time to focus on real problems instead of worrying about your mail which will eventually make you more productive. Virtual mailbox guarantees total freedom over all your mail and your location won’t ever effect accessing your mail.

Rental mailbox

While virtual Mailbox provides you with the ability to remotely manage your postal mails, sometimes you might still find it necessary to obtain a local PO Box, especially for privacy reasons. Rental mailbox is just a lockable postal office box located at the post office station. This type of mailing services is employed when you live in a place that mail is not delivered directly to the home address.


The most important benefit of this type of mailing system is that it gives 100% security and privacy to all your mail, that is because no one else except the owner with the right key can access the mailbox. Another benefit is that mail is typically delivered faster to the post office than a residential address. It is also cost-effective as the charges are always inexpensive.

Business mailbox

Just like another postal mailing platform, it is a lockable PO Box located at the post office station mostly but is basically for collecting business mail especially when someone doesn’t want to involve his business with personal life. A business mailing address will solidify the legitimacy of your business and apart from that offers some numerous benefits.


Keeping distance between personal life and business. While your mail goes directly to your mailbox, it will help to keep your business at the office and not bringing it home. It will limit the time you spend waiting for delivery especially when you run e-commerce business where returns are likely to happen on regular basis. Another important thing is that when your move, the business address remains thereby keeping communication with your customers always smooth..

So, considering your circumstances and what a mailbox particularly means for you, easily pick the one that will best fulfill your needs with the help of Unigoexpress.